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About Us

Snellerpay is a company established in the Netherlands. Our company is the official business partner of Astropay and Cashixir. Astropay and Cashixir provide dealership services.

  • Astropay's Official Business Partner.
  • Cashixir's Official Business Partner.
  • 100% Secure Infrastructure.
  • 24/7 Live Support Service.
  • Advantages of Dealership.

Why Astropay and Cashixir are the best choices?

Astropay and Cashixir Card is the most popular virtual prepaid card to deposit and withdraw funds.
It is accepted on many online sites around the world.
Due to its speed, flexibility, confidentiality and safety, it is the preferred option by many users.
Astropay and Cashixir are available in many currencies as follows: EUR, USD, GBP, TRY

Advantages of using Astropay and Cashixir Card


Deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly, with no confirmation delays.


100% guarantee.

Flexible Limits

Access to higher deposits and withdrawsl limits through the Astropay Card


No need of disclose personal nor financial information.


If you have a Astropay and Cashixir reseller panel,
all you have to do is,you can contact us via live support or skype.
If you are not a reseller, please fill out the form above and click the submit button.


SnellerPay is the point where
E-Pin users meet reliable and quality service.

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  • EASIEST             



It is a money transfer method that includes a 16-digit card code, security code and expiration date, which allows you to make secure purchases on the internet. Sold as a dollar and euro balance. It is a pre-paid card that has a single balance load and is canceled after use.

No, there is no possibility to re-load the prepaid card you have purchased. Each transaction requires a new prepaid card.

You have to use the prepaid card you have received within 1 year. Otherwise, your code will be canceled automatically. This responsibility belongs to the user.

Snellerpay defines your official Astropay and Cashixir panel and you can start buying and selling through the panel.

Astropay and Cashixir are the world's most advanced front virtual. You can easily use it on social gaming sites, social media sites and world-defined shopping sites.

Purchase opportunity with Bitcoin.
It offers bonus advantage in high purchases.
Fast loading service in purchases.
7/24 With Snellerpay quality team, we are at your service.

Snellerpay; Astropay and Cashixir's are the most authoritative official partner in the Netherlands and Turkey. To learn more about our company; You can get detailed information about our company through & global sites.


Legal Terms

ASTROPAY and Cashixir card sales and marketing of the dealerships given by our company can only be traded in legal manner and in accordance with the law. By making inaccurate declarations in order to obtain unfair benefits, actions such as using false names and credit cards, criminalization of our company and our commercial activity as a means of criminal acts will be created. In order to prevent such actions, our company is authorized to take appropriate measures such as making a complaint.


Legal Terms


1. We guarantee your company with our own panel and integrated card with ease of use. Our company cannot guarantee that a full order will be completed or authorized to operate because you are doing business together.

2. CONTACT THE USER MANUAL TO USE THE FOLLOWING CONSUMERS BELOW. It must also adhere to the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.

You cannot buy and sell the following activities of your ASTROPAY and Cashixir card:

Prohibited Activities;

a. Activities in compliance with laws, regulations, decrees or regulations.

b. Narcotics, steroids, substances that ensure the control of goods or products, or substances that ensure the safety of the products, including the use of hazardous materials, digital and virtual products, such as sexual health, a crime, hate, violence, intolerance or monetary use copyright, trademark rights, openness or privacy rights or other state laws, sexual trends, weapons or firearm parts and accessories or other rights protected by law.

c. Financing or re-financing debts of income or lotto contracts, installment systems, cross-border banking or credit card debts relating to social networks or other söz fast-rich gelir plans or some multilevel marketing programs that disclose personal information of third parties in violation of applicable laws for transactions related to financing, selling of products prior to the seller's control or ownership of the merchant, payment of payment to banks instead of stores, travel checks or bank transfers, exchange of currency or cashing of checks of enterprises or credit corrections or debt clearing services, credit transactions or realization of transactions related to insurance activities.

d. For the sale of products or services identified as fraudulent by government agencies.
Customers questions are included, particularly when such activities are not legally available, including casino games, sports claims, horse races and similar races, lottery tickets, gambling, skill competitions (whether or not a legal lottery) and other attempts to use lotteries. authorized authorities. however, it is not limited to gambling, play and / or entry fee and any other event with an award. Anyone who visits this site or who wishes to benefit from the services provided by this site and our company accepts these terms of use, makes the legal notice and agrees to comply with the prohibited activities, otherwise they have all civil and criminal responsibilities.



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